1. Gunned Down 1:23
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I use to be down bad but I’m up now
That pack make me dance
Like a scored a touchdown
Horse shoe luck but trust me
We not horsing around
This ain’t no movie we not acting
Youll get gunned down

Live from the projects
We still in the bandos
Ak 47 by the door
Fully almo
Don’t make me clip you like a barber
I’m not bothered nigga
First I hit em with this chopper
Then I rob the Nigga
Them Percocets is like viagra
For a young nigga
She talking bout she done
Naw I ain’t done wit cha
These diamonds doing the nana
When the sun hit it
Throw that patit on my wrist
And tell em God did it
I’m in Hollywood
Riding down the boulevard
Y’all watching out for snakes
But me I’m tryna see the sharks
I’m gonna be great
I’m gonna live large
Cause I stay in my place
And I play my part
Boy you should quit it
With all that contradicting
Get you a lil buzz and think
You diddy or that nigga fifty
Boy I’m persistent we ain’t heard
From you it’s been a minute
I’m still moving how I move
And they still listening

I can tell by the way you looking at
That my lifestyle makes you unhappy
Need to take these rappers to Maury
I think I’m the pappy
I’m tryna raise y’all into stars
And have ya living lavage
If you ain’t gone make rapping your life
Then go and get a job
They think it happen over night
But this grind is hard
I stayed down and kept it solid
And played my part
Ya big homie ain’t right wit cha
Now you on the yard
I told Vic b4 I die we’ll be millionaires
Right or wrong I got his back
They’ll have to give me the chair
Put that 7 on my chest I feel like kaepernick
I’m run with that sack they gone have to blitz
And I know trump won’t like me
(Why) cause I’m black with a fresh pair
Of Nike’s
Dread headed and I rock with my migos
Shit they the ones who supplying me with all these kilos