1. Floss Up On'em 1:10
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Nigga what
We ain’t saying much
But I keep that pistol
In case you niggaz act up
I’m rubberbanded up
All this cash on me
I might just buy a bitch to fuck
Just bought a armor truck
Wit cameras everywhere so I can see
You niggaz come
100 round drum
Try me like a sucker I give you
Pussy niggaz gum

Ar 15
But I prefer the 40 glock
Cause that fit right up in jeans
Put that adorma on wrist
To make me scream
I bet she come baxk for more
This dick is known to make em phen
I first popped a Percocet
And that shit had me knodding off
Hit my plug up wit the quick fast
Told em I need some adarol
She say that she love me love me
I know that sh faking dawg
No I will not catch no feeling
But I’m getting in them draws

We gone throw a party up in here
Until he ceiling fall
Everyone’s invited grab a bottle
And start sipping dawg
I feel like I’m neo in the matrix
When I’m flipping y’all
Dodging bullets left and right
No fake ones like the movies dawg
These want my head and these want my spot
But I want let them get close to me
Weather they like it or not
You never left the city
You still stuck in the same place
Never had one dope record
And your facial hairs all grey