1. Get To It 1:05
X2 ft. Devin Samarasinghe
Graphic Designer
Funtime Productions
SNS/WEB http://funtimepro.co.jp/

I put diamonds on my wrist they glist
When I swang
Shawty so fine I put her in the booth
And made her sang
She so sexy out here dancing
With her dress on
Thought she was 5 foot she 5’2
I guessed wrong
Cute face she don’t need make up
I could see that face every morning I wake up
Watching her move I had to jump on that
And grind
One of them moments I wish I could pause the time
Oooou she Bad she took it to the floor
Here I go tryna keep up dropping low
But I’m too tall ain’t flex
But best believe I got that check
Wanna smoke tree that’s on deck
Or a drink we’ll that’s over there
But we can kick it
Kick it like karate
And I rub your feet
But please girl don’t go tell nobody
I’m so shy wit mine
But I want waste your time
It’s only because you a dime yeah girl you fine

Got a bag on deck
Bout da blow the whole check
Watching her dance gone make me sweat
Get cool with ice all on my neck

I’m faded gone smoking on some cheech and Chong
I run this here
The same way I did back at home
If you not talking about no money
Then just leave me lone
She say what’s that smell it’s money
Money my cologne
Yeah you fine and all that there
But can I take you home
Asking what we gone do
Party all night long
We vibing it ain’t no stopping
You got it mommy we popping
New roles come out I cop it
The roof gone I chopped it
You say you drink then what you drinking then
Oh them your friends well then bring em in
I got potnas we can really have a good time
I’m not Scarface but yeah baby this world mine
Got a team full of bosses take no loses
Dead presi’s in my pockets
Ain’t no coffin
Tried to keep up with the drip but I lost him..
And if I feel em catching up then I off him