DAY 88

  1. The City 1:21

Artist: ジェニファー/Jennifer Sumire


“3am clock strikes again
streets are gold and glistening
A city filled with shining lights
I walk the darkest street tonight
But the night ain’t forgiving
It’s my soul that it’s taking
I wanna run into your haven

And tonight it’s alright
I’ll get through this one time
But my heart is never really mending
So I’ll close my eyes real tight this one time
And I’ll see you in another memory”


15 Oct 2018 Def Tech Cloud 9 Tour 2018 with YAY Japan
14 Sep 2018 ローンチ・キャンペーン『100 DAYS 100 SONGS』が遂に50日目に突入!! Tokyo Japan
18 Aug 2018 浜名湖弁天島花火フェス-BENTENJIMA HANABI Festival Hamamatsu Japan
29 Jul 2018 Def Tech Special Summer Live 2018 Tokyo Japan
28 Jul 2018 Def Tech Special Summer Live 2018 Osaka Japan