DAY 61

  1. My Everything 1:07



“You say it’s time to call it quits
How can you end things so lightly
You don’t know how to treat people
Stop pretending to be “adult” about it
Say an honest feeling
Don’t leave me…

Take, take, you takin’ my heart (my heart)
You takin’ my soul (my soul)
You takin’ my body (my body)
You took my everything
If I could erase all the “what if”s
I wonder if we would always be together”


14 Sep 2018 ローンチ・キャンペーン『100 DAYS 100 SONGS』が遂に50日目に突入!! Tokyo Japan
18 Aug 2018 浜名湖弁天島花火フェス-BENTENJIMA HANABI Festival Hamamatsu Japan
29 Jul 2018 Def Tech Special Summer Live 2018 Tokyo Japan
28 Jul 2018 Def Tech Special Summer Live 2018 Osaka Japan
14 Jul 2018 海洋博公園サマーフェスティバル2018に出演-Ocean Expo Park Summer Festival OKINAWA JAPAN